From Palm Trees to SNOW in UNDER 2 Hours! Sacramento to Donner Pass, CA

This past week, my husband was playing in Sacramento! After three games, I drove back to Reno and went through Donner Pass, which had just gotten new snow! I usually like to walk around and explore the city when he has to go to the field and I have some time to myself.


I only had a couple days there, but I really enjoyed walking around the Capitol / Capital Rose Garden. We were there in April, so a good portion of the roses were in bloom! I wish you could smell the pictures!

Unfortunately, I left my camera battery in Reno, so I had to settle for camera-phone pictures. Wahhhhhhh. And not even a new iPhone! I have a 7 😦 haha.


But I think I still got some ok shots of the area. It’s hard to take bad pictures on a sunny day with all kinds of pretty roses!

If you are ever in Sacramento during the spring, I’d highly recommend visiting the Capitol Rose Garden. Also, it’s just steps away from the actual Capitol building, which is cool to see, too.

FullSizeRender 163

And from sunny and 65 degrees…. I drove an hour and a half Northeast to snow!

I-80 from Sacramento to Reno

FullSizeRender 156

I took this picture after I heard a loud crash on the side of my car. Apparently a rock had hit the plastic while I was driving through the mountains. I pulled off the next exit – luckily there was no damage! Thank goodness. AND there was this deserted road with tall pines and lots of snow, so yes, I’m going to take a picture!

Some of my favorite pictures are the ones off the beaten path. Not the ones that are just the basic “picture in front of tourist attraction”. I love having some time to get a good picture without a thousand people in the background, and having that “wilderness” look!

FullSizeRender 159

This was a few miles away from Donner Pass, off of I-80 heading to Reno from Sacramento. Donner Lake was beautiful! I wish I could’ve stayed longer, but the sun was going down quickly, and at this point, I was still nervous about my car functioning properly! Ha. I’m looking forward to going back with my actual camera for some GOOD pictures! Anyone have any other recommendations for cool spots in the Reno area? Other than Lake Tahoe, of course! That’s my next adventure!

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