Lake Tahoe: Tired of Tourists? Try this Secluded Hike!

I love the feeling of being alone in nature.

Being able to stop and stare at the views…. without a group of 20 people behind you.

Being able to hear birds chirping… and not someone’s backpack boombox (looking at you, Camelback Mountain!)

So for that reason — I absolutely LOVED the Skunk Harbor Trail in North Lake Tahoe.

IMG_6096 2

Obviously, the views were great, too!


  • Less than 3 miles round trip
  • Easy hiking terrain / gravel road for most of the time
  • Down-and-back format
  • Downhill on the way / uphill on the return
  • Dog-friendly
  • Best time to go — late spring / summer / early fall
  • Beat the crowds by going in spring or fall
  • Beach area / several coves to explore
  • Abandoned house by the beach (historical landmark)
  • Start of Trail is NOT marked — look for a green gate by a small parking lot about 2 miles down NV-28 (If you’re coming from Carson City / HW 50)


IMG_6137 2

Skunk Harbor was one of the most secluded trails I’ve been on — I only encountered MAYBE five people, total, in a couple hours of being there.

I had the entire beach to myself for most of the time!

Which is great, because I can have space to be basic AF and take tons of pictures and videos for my Instagram story. Ha!

(I don’t apologize for being basic while traveling, though — I’m not on this planet forever so I intend to enjoy & document it!)

I went in mid-April, on a Saturday, and lucked out with the weather. It was 65 degrees, sunny and barely any wind! Obviously, use your common sense when it comes to snow — this trail may not be accessible in the winter.

As I mentioned, this is not a difficult hike. But you still get great views almost the entire way down!

This is also a great hike to do by yourself.


If you’re coming from Reno, North Lake Tahoe is not even an hour away, and makes for a great day trip.



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