Want EPIC Pictures of Lake Tahoe? Head to Sand Harbor

Sand Harbor State Park of Lake Tahoe in April is WONDERFUL.

Want great views without the effort?

Sand Harbor gives you breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and Lake Tahoe’s signature majestic boulders rising out of crystal-clear water.

If you have kids (or a husband who doesn’t want to hike) this is a quick stop off the main road, and the loop around the park is less than a mile.



Sand Harbor is a huge tourist attraction in the summer, and I can see why. This is the perfect place for swimming, kayaking,  and stand-up paddle-boarding.

However, I remember trying to come here last summer, and the parking lot was so full we couldn’t go 😦

But if you go in the spring, you get more space to yourself!

Here’s some more of my pictures from our day!



DSC_0361.JPG_2DSC_0346DSC_0345DSC_0343DSC_0342DSC_0337DSC_0334DSC_0332DSC_0324DSC_0336DSC_0309DSC_0317DSC_0320DSC_0305DSC_0321DSC_0297DSC_0290DSC_0294DSC_0284Where are YOUR favorite places to take pictures at Lake Tahoe?

ExploreLakeTahoe 2.png



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