A Perfect Date Night at Lake Tahoe

Looking for a great, romantic restaurant at Lake Tahoe?

Try the Lone Eagle Grill at the Hyatt in Incline Village!

It’s an ideal spot to…

  • watch the sun set
  • take pretty, dressed-up pictures (#Basic)
  • splurge on a dinner ( #treatyoself )
  • relax and enjoy great views of Lake Tahoe
  • impress your friends who like the finer things
  • combine epic views & great food

Since I enjoy taking pictures, I’m always looking for restaurants with great views and places to take Instagram pictures  that will make everyone jealous  and also, exceptional food.


Sometimes, there’s a compromise. Some places with the breathtaking views have decent, not great, food, and it’s also overpriced.

The Lone Eagle Grill is NOT one of those places.

The views are great — even good enough to make my husband look up from his phone!! But the food was EVEN better!

I was already impressed by the private beach on the patio. They’ve got chairs on the deck, along with a fire pit, if you don’t want sand in your shoes.


They’ve also got a boardwalk going down to the pier – so if you want to wear heels, you can still get a great picture with the water!

IMG_0634FullSizeRender 196

Or, if you don’t mind sand — walk down to the water and have a drink by the water in one of the several chairs they’ve got on the beach!


I will say, the food and drinks were a little pricey, but nothing that different that most nice steakhouses. Plus — I’m willing to pay a little extra for these views, along with a rustic, lodge-type setting inside the restaurant, with high ceilings and a great fireplace (if you come in the colder months). I got a steak, which was really, really good, along with Mac and cheese, asparagus, and au gratin potatoes.

My husband enjoying some wine at the bar!

An added plus for us — where it was located, in Incline Village, was only about a 45-minute drive from where we live in Reno!

I’m always looking for good restaurants with great views — so if you know of any in my area — please let me know in the comments 🙂

On our way home from dinner — we stopped at one of the ‘scenic overlooks’ on the side of the road!


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