Hiking For One: Why You Should Consider a Solo Adventure

Why is there such a stigma surrounding doing things alone?

“Table for one, please”

“.. Are you waiting on someone?”

“Umm, did I stutter? IT’S JUST ME, LADY!!!”


Here’s what I’ve learned:

If you have to wait for someone to go with you to do all the things you’ve wanted to do in life — you might be waiting forever.


For instance, my husband doesn’t like hiking. I love hiking.

Jake being a good sport and going to Sand Harbor with me.

Does that mean I need to..

A. Never go hiking

B. Drag my husband unwillingly, 10 miles through the wilderness?


It means I’m going to do some solo hiking.

10 Mile Solo Hike at Mount Rose, Lake Tahoe

And before you’re all “but you’re a woman, aren’t you scared to be hiking alone??”

I walk at the mall alone.

I walk in Walmart alone.

I walk in town alone.

Yes, there are precautions that you need to take:

  • bring pepper spray
  • a bear bell or bear spray for wilderness treks
  • a fully-charged cellphone
  • let someone know your itinerary – when/ where you’re going and when you plan on returning ( I usually also post live-updates on my instagram stories, too)
  • Hike during the day, ONLY
  • bring a paper map for longer hikes
  • bring a bottle of water for every hour +1 (in normal heat)
  • bring snacks, sunblock, bug spray
  • bring a jacket if the weather fluctuates (also – check the weather!)
  • download the AllTrails app — so you don’t get lost!
  • hike during the busiest times on the trails
  • stay ALERT! Ditch the headphones so you can hear your surroundings.
  • DON’T try the “difficult” hikes (unstable terrain or tough climbing)
  • know your ability-level (If you’ve never hiked, don’t try it for the first time alone)

I mostly do the shorter, more popular hikes (less than 3 miles) during the busiest times so normally I don’t feel too unsafe. But use common sense!!


Now we’ve got that covered — let’s move on!

Call me crazy, but sometimes I prefer hiking alone.

Waterfall on Mt. Rose Trail. I didn’t feel bad taking my time to take this picture since I was by myself.


Without sounding like I’m three weed gummies deep — being alone in nature is really freeing to me.

I spend a lot of alone time with my phone, so why not nature??

FullSizeRender 2

A good hour in the wild, alone with your thoughts, can cut off the tentacles of technology that sometimes — we didn’t realize were strangling us.

I get so wrapped up in feeling

  • not pretty enough
  • not successful enough
  • and generally, like a failure

that I forget about this awesome planet we’ve been placed on.


Guess what?

Mountain tops don’t care how many followers you have on social media!


Waterfalls don’t care that you aren’t the skinniest girl on Instagram!


The clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe don’t care that you aren’t a billionaire by age 30!


And by conquering a long hike, it’s nice to be reminded that my body is *useful* and it’s capable of getting me to some really cool places.

Hiking reminds me that my body doesn’t deserve all of the criticisms I think of when I look in the mirror.


Hiking reminds me that I can be happy all by myself.


Be confident enough to enjoy your own company.

If you never spend any time alone — how do you truly know yourself?

If your happiness depends on others — waiting on someone to take that trip with you, basing your self-worth on others’ opinions of you — you’ll never be happy.

If you live for their approval, you’ll die from their rejection.

Take control of your life. Be your own source of happiness.

Happiness is a choice.

Stop waiting for someone else, and CHOOSE to live a life you LOVE.

(And be safe!)

ExploreLakeTahoe 3

Was that motivating? That took a weird turn, huh? Guess I’ll put down this box of Wheat Thins and take my own advice!! Lol.


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