I Hiked Once a Week for Six Months: Here’s What Happened

This year — I made a goal to hike as much as I could — and here’s what happened:

I started to like myself again.

After years of being in the TV industry, and being told I was too muscular, too fat, too southern, too blonde, too sarcastic, too goofy, too young, too old….

I could finally be myself.

Mountains don’t care if you have wrinkles coming in.

Waterfalls don’t care if you don’t have skinny model arms or perfect hair.

And ten-mile hikes certainly don’t care if you have a million followers.

I think everyone, especially women, should have something that makes them feel good about themselves that has NOTHING to do with their appearance, social standing, or career.

Something that is purely for fun.

Something that is just for you.

Something that can take you away from the pressure of pleasing everyone, looking perfect, or just trying to be the person everyone expects you to be.

For me — it’s being out in nature. Getting a good sweat. Unplugging from my phone. Or making dumb videos & playing the piano…. do I care if people like it? Not really.. because I like doing it.. I’ve spent too much time trying to be the version of myself that I THINK people will like.

This is me, get used to it!! THANK U, NEXT

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