Surviving Bitterness: It Wasn’t My Year, But That’s OK

We all know them.

Those long, end of the year social media posts that list every accomplishment in a tight little list along with a perfectly-posed picture.

Posts that highlight the good, and have no sign of the bad.

No sign of struggle or failure. Just the best. To remind everyone what a GREAT year you’ve had.

To be fair — some people probably DID have a great year.

And congrats to those people. I’m sure most of them worked really hard for those accomplishments, and they deserve to be celebrated.

Like, imagine getting a Christmas card from Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds…

“Welp! We just keep having more perfect children and yes, we’re still insanely good looking!!”


Do we roll our eyes? Do we sink deeper into bitterness?

No. Or at least, you shouldn’t.

Sometimes – it’s NOT going to be your year.

Sometimes, you’ll have more failures than successes.

Sometimes, you’ll face challenges, deaths, tragedies, like you’ve never seen before.

Some years — you’ll watch everyone around you experience great things.

You see others reaching new career highs or celebrating major life milestones, while you’re simply trying to keep your head above water.

But guess what:

It’s not always about YOU.

Some years — you’re going to be the cheerleader.

You’re going to be the one watching everyone else do great things.

Be HAPPY for them.


Because being a great friend means supporting others and being happy for their accomplishments even when you don’t have any of your own.

But in the meantime — make goals. Keep working hard. Keep grinding. Don’t lose faith.

Because next year — WILL BE YOUR YEAR.

…Or at least, a little positive thinking won’t hurt 😉

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