Are You Posting on Social Media for the RIGHT reasons? I Wasn’t…

What is an IDEAL motivation behind a social media post?

Connecting with our fellow human beings?

Keeping up with our friends from college who live far away?

Leaving a small positive impact on those that come across our page?

dog pic.gif

While I’m sure there are PLENTY of people who post away with exactly zero thought to any of this…. I am not one of them.

(What can I say, I’m basically Confucius.. )


Do we post just because everyone else is doing it?

*Robot voice* Female millennial.. BEEP BOOP bip… MUST.. POST… PICS OF MY STARBUCKS!


Do we post to feel like we matter in the world?

What happens if you don’t post on social media AT ALL?

Do you collapse into a black hole?

Do people forget you exist?

Unless someone sees you in person, are you like Bigfoot? Just a myth?


Do we post just to prove to everyone we’re happy?

“No one will guess I have weekly mental breakdowns if I post pics of me doing fun things!!”


Do we post to make people think our lives are better than someone else’s?

“Why yes, I will be posting a thousand pictures of my warm and sunny beach vacation!” *Sips margarita*


Do we post to help our careers?

There are so many people who have advanced their career, or social standing JUST BECAUSE of  social media. It can feel like one easy way that any normal, non-celebrity human being can get ahead in life. And that can be a great thing!


Or do we post based on our personality?

I’m a competitive person by nature. I was an athlete my whole life. So if I’m going to do something — I want to do it well.

No, I don’t want to play Monopoly, because there’s a chance I won’t win…

Unfortunately – this can be a problem for me on social media.

Sometimes I catch myself posting just to prove I can “keep up” with everyone.

I’ve LIVED the life of competing on social media.

Been there. Done that, got the spray tan… and still dabble in it, occasionally.


But “keeping up” can be exhausting. AND it drains your phone battery…

(Confession: I think I’ve spent years of my life picking filters for Instagram. Yikes.)

As I’ve gotten older, I’m trying to learn how to BALANCE “living in the moment” with having a social media presence, and posting for the right reasons.

I’m tired of being one-dimensional.

And while I enjoy photography, scenic hikes, and selfies (this makeup didn’t do itself!)


I hope I’m portraying more than just a pretty facade.

I hope my social media pages leave a positive impact.

I hope my page helps people make the MOST of their OWN lives, as opposed to wishing they were living someone else’s.


And that’s why I’m trying to be a little more thoughtful when posting.

Will I continue to post the occasional selfie, or mirror picture? Ummm Yeah, I’m a millennial, and I believe in being confident.

But I hope people realize that’s just one side of me….. My good side. #ANGLES


And I hope that AT LEAST occasionally — you leave my page in a better mood than you came 🙂



(Oh, and if you want to see what I actually post: I’m @chelsamessinger on Instagram and twitter.)



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