I’m a former NC State Swimmer who spent seven years as a TV Sports Anchor.

Currently — I’m a traveling baseball wife to my husband who has played for the Astros, Cubs, Reds, with lots of time in the minor leagues.

Since I’m not working anymore, my goal is to MAKE THE MOST OUT OF LIFE!

In this blog, I’m hoping to share some of my best experiences — insider tips from my best travels, how I keep my confidence in the age of Instagram models, social commentary via funny videos, and generally — how I’m LIVING MY BEST LIFE!

The reason I named the site “Currently Chelsa” is because I’m constantly moving. Last year, I did not live anywhere for more than a month at a time!

Traveling can be chaotic — living out of suitcase can get old! But it’s given me some great experiences and different perspectives on what I really want out of life.

I genuinely love meeting new people and trying new things – which is probably why I loved being a reporter! But now, I’m still doing that — just not on TV, and not in one place!